Corsham Station

With the campaign for a new Corsham Railway Station at full steam! (sorry), Wiltshire College Media Student, Bethanie Marriott, takes a look back at the history of the Station and the part it played in the life of the Town.  Watch video >>

Knitting across the world

The success of the Corsham Knitting and Crochet Group that meets at the Springfield Campus, is well known, but did you know that their knitting reaches across the world? Wiltshire College Media Student, Lucy Ingram, found out more about the people they help.  Watch video >>

Corsham's Young Musicians

Recently the Government pledged £300 million towards funding music education, but how will this affect young musicians within Corsham? Wiltshire College media student, Connor Lockhart, produced this film to find out.  Watch video >>

The future of local Pubs

In the UK, on average, 4 pubs close every day. Wiltshire College media student, Ellena Whitehall set out to discover how some of our local landlords are surviving.  Watch video >>

Camomile Café

The Camomile Café in Corsham’s High Street has been open for over a year and provides many facilities for parents with young children. Wiltshire College Media Student, Jade Blackburn, went to find out more from the owners and some of their customers.  Watch video >>

Apprenticeships in Corsham

Apprenticeships are often in the news, but what are the benefits of them to both some of the people who do them and businesses in Corsham. Wiltshire College Media Student, Rhys Kemish, set out to investigate and started his video on the Leafield Industrial Estate with Stuart Pearce, MD of SMARTech energy.  Watch video >>